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The use of UV Stabilised Fabrics that reflect the damaging rays of the sun and minimises radiated heat acts like insulation in reducing head temperature absorption.


Lights are not normally required even on overcast days due to the even spread of ‘natural light’ that is allowed through our traditional fabric which saves on high power costs and leaves no shadows or dark corners.

When lights are used inside at night time the Allshelter® shape and fabric reflection naturally creates a far superior soft even spread of light.

Easier to install and dismantle

You can save more money because Container Shelters by Allshelter™ are far easier and faster to install than most comparable products. They are also easily relocated using the reusable cradles supplied with every kit.


Fabrics dampen sound waves and the Container Shelters by Allshelter™ shape also limits echoes resulting in a more controlled atmosphere – unlike the flat surfaces of other options.

Allshelters have excellent acoustics and facilitate clearer sound distribution due to the factors outlined above.


All Container Shelters by Allshelter™ have been designed by Australian engineers to the exacting Wind Code requirements set by Australian Standards. This includes stringent testing with covers on.

A set of Engineers Plans that are acceptable for most planning authorities are provided with every kit.

More resistant

The fabrics used will not 'rust' in corrosive environments as they have no metallic content like other conventional options.

Lower maintenance

All fabric joins are lapped and welded together for maximum strength and resistance to water and air penetration.

Less chance for leaks and drips than conventional methods which sometimes use thousands of roof penetrating screws that can loosen and rot creating unwanted ongoing maintenance costs.

More user friendly

Container Shelters by Allshelter™ can be used to cover almost anything.

Full Assembly Instructions including CAD-drawings, photos and a step-by-step guide are provided with every kit to allow you to organise your own installation at a time to suit you.

Gutters can be fitted to most models.


Container Shelters by Allshelter™ have been used in Australia and beyond since 1999 to cover & protect almost everything ranging from hay to helicopters; rigs to digs; equipment to fulfilment and much more.

Designs are continually refined and updated as a result of customer observations and suggestions plus the innovation of the forward thinking Allshelter® in house design team.

All Allshelters come with a 10 year warranty on Frame and Cover.

More attractive

With no sharp edges or large flat surfaces Container Shelters by Allshelter™ have an inherent aesthetically pleasing external appearance

Allshelters clearspan framework plus their cooler, quieter and bright airy interiors combine to create an attractive internal ambience and working environment.

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10 year warranty

Our warranty includes the frame and the cover.


Our service is what keeps our customers continuously coming back.


All Container Shelters sizes & configurations can be customised to suit your needs.


Our Container Shelters are delivered globally in a compact kit form.

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