10 Year Warranty

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Never before has there been so much confidence and belief in the strength and durability of our full range of shelter systems within the industry. With this confidence and passion founded on decades of combined experience we deliver a revolutionary “peace of mind” warranty on all of our products. Our warranty not only covers the steel frame, the extra roof bracing and even the nuts and bolts but most importantly it covers our continually durable fabric covers.

What Your Manufacturer’s Warranty Covers:

  • The steel framework
  • The fabric cover
  • The workmanship

Warranty Validation personally approved by an Allshelter® Director

Allshelter® has led the way in the specialised manufacture of Shelter Systems since 1999, including being the first Australian Manufacturer of Container Shelters. This evidence provides our large customer base with the confidence that we will still be around in years to come to honour our warranty agreement.

At Allshelter®, where we specialise in Covering Excellence, we consistently believe that continual improvement is the only way to move forward and remain as the industry leader

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10 year warranty

Our warranty includes the frame and the cover.


Our service is what keeps our customers continuously coming back.


All Container Shelters sizes & configurations can be customised to suit your needs.


Our Container Shelters are delivered globally in a compact kit form.

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